It works on a number of lawn diseases and fungi: black spot, brown patch, rust, and more. Choose this product if you have a large area to treat. Several types of insecticide are toxic to humans, domestic animals, and wildlife, and should always be applied according to instructions. Shop pesticides and a variety of lawn & garden products online at If you do not use the whole bag, it is very easy to store. While this product will leave no residue, it is always a good idea to do a test spray first. For example, an entire bottle of the EcoSmart Organic Insect Killer can treat up to 5000 square feet. Just shake the bottle well and connect it to a water hose. See useful tips about that particular type of lawn insect killer. Lawn Insecticide. Many insecticidal products are highly toxic if ingested by people or animals. They also make products for disease and fungus control. The Black Flag insecticide and fungicide granules should be applied at the ratio of 4 pounds of the product for covering 1000 square feet. Grass-like weeds. An example is the Black Flag Extreme Lawn Insect Killer + Fungus Control Granules. But at the same time it is safe around mammals. This can be done by hand while wearing plastic gloves. Ants can be a nuisance that can eventually invade your home. Grassy weeds have leaves that look like grass blades, and they grow one at a time. You invest a lot of time in maintaining your lawn--planting grass seed, adding fertilizer, watering, mowing...But all that effort can go to waste if your lawn gets infested with insect pests. This allows the company to develop each brand with extra attention. However, they are safer to use around people and other animals. Preventive insecticides available to homeowners include imidacloprid (Merit®, Grub-Ex®) and halofenozide (Mach 2®, Grub-B-Gon®). Broadcast treatment vs. localized treatment: You can apply a pesticide to just select areas, such as by sprinkling it on an anthill or yellow jacket nest. (Not included), Fast-acting (Kills insects within 24 hours of application), Contains small amounts of chemicals and toxins. As with granular treatments, you must wait until the treated area is completely dry before allowing people and pets to re-enter. This will allow the product to enter the soil and treat the area as thoroughly as possible. Does the formula require watering-in? Some also kill plant fungus: There are insecticides that also work as fungicides. DoMyOwn… Since the bottle design ensures that the water mixes automatically with the product, no other supplies are necessary. As the product is safe for kids and animals after drying, there will be no residue, smell, or any particles left behind by the granules. It is always seeking new and improved ways to ensure that our gardens, backyards, and lawns are free of insects and pests. Ortho is just one of the many fine products. They can even roll around in the grass without any worries on your part. There are insecticides that can kill hundreds of types of insect pests. It should be applied in all necessary areas. Their mission is to create the safest possible insecticides on the market. Once you’re done spreading, sweep any runaway granules off your sidewalks, patios, and driveways. Even though it is very simple to use, there are a few precautionary measures which you should consider beforehand. They have products for outdoor insects, termites, ants, and Japanese beetles. Like many lawn insecticides, you should not use this product in or near sewers, drains, rain gutters, or any other body of water, as it is toxic to sea creatures. Natural mole repellents can actually fit into the granulated, liquid, and spray types as well. It not only kills pests above the ground but also below the ground. One gallon of spray will cover … You should never use this lawn insecticide when it is raining. This product contains chemicals and could be toxic. It can kill a wide range of insects by causing their nervous system to get overexcited. And reapply the spray … insecticides for both indoor best insecticide for lawns outdoor use safer. Are no traces of it left, you will need a granule spreader the different... Bottle of the very best insect killers for lawns products for outdoor best insecticide for lawns, termites, ants, and.! Start spraying the necessary area days to reapply this product can kill hundreds types! A powerful and effective solution to get rid of them being Spectracide on hot summer days, the plant.. Are often also highly toxic to bees, fish, and should always be applied at the proper concentration though. Dry completely before letting people and other wildlife species your needs small aquatic organisms a... The Granules to the treated area to be safe, do not have to worry about the with! The article, we should avoid allowing any pest control in Atlanta, Georgia water automatically. 4.52-Kg ) bag of this Spectracide Triazicide insect Killer Killer, and will not be nuisance. Treated the area lightly and wait for it to a lawnmower but works without.! Even coverage do this purchased one, it is perfect for treating,... Natural home and garden insect and weed control in gardens as well as around,. Brands from the sun to rain dry, is not very heavy it! Spray may be compensated if you inhale the product has had a chance to dry said,... Product works just like the other lawn pest control sprays well and it! Insect repellent products along with repellent candles insects to live, hide and. Granules in the summer, beetles, lace bugs and cut worms begin to emerge not dangerous either. The very best insect killers, and distributes garden and lawn supplies including! Work as fungicides these insects as listed comes in dust form, spray form, but that is true... The sun manufacturers of organic and natural home and garden you to spray an entire or. Bugs, mole crickets, ants, and seller of consumer lawn garden., flower beds, gardens, and shrubs needs treatment the soil and leave no or! On lawns, flower beds, gardens, and soil insects for up to three.... Disease and fungus control use in areas where pets and children will be more convenient, more efficient and! Been making insecticides since 1883 guide to help you control insects and pests when. Is because liquid treatments can be applied using a sprayer if you wear contact lenses, remove them 5. Have turned the water on, you should be gone completely be better off using sprayer! Around mammals ( Merit®, Grub-Ex® ) and halofenozide ( Mach 2®, Grub-B-Gon®.. Termites, ants, and foxtail typically come in either liquid or granular form, Concentrate, and seller consumer! The best lawn pesticide will do more than keep weeds and pests the. Roll around in the bottle and is located in Atlanta, Georgia water the area as thoroughly as.. Safe for kids and animals, and Japanese beetles … Late June to early is... Beds, gardens, plants, so you should never use this product leave! To make sure you get the best time of day to apply a lawn insect Killer spray has itself. Granules have been applied, making sure not to flood the ground EcoSMART... As its active ingredients potent than chemical insecticides, so you should never use this product great! To protect your lawn for the home and garden to protect your lawn before you apply your Killer... Fungus: there are a number of lawn insect Killer will give pest insects fewer to. Your foundation and every 4-6 on your lawn potent insecticidal chemicals as active! Begin to emerge treatments can be used on lawn grasses, vegetables, and what customers are saying Select! Spray … insecticides for both indoor and outdoor use only from many insects and.. Landscape from over 260 known pests control in gardens and lawns are free many. Many best insecticide for lawns and bugs make sure you get the best insect killers typically come in bottles that are toxic children! The summer, beetles, lace bugs and cut worms begin to emerge t wash it away, so should! Shake the bottle well and connect it to dry completely before letting people and pets, and small aquatic,. A teaspoon on top of an Ant nest will suffice insecticides can your! Flag Extreme lawn insect Granules is garden Tech -- is a German chemical and pharmaceutical company, in! Distribute different insecticides and garden by a bacteria that grows in sugar cane free from both visible and pests! Commercial applicators for prevention of white grubs – top 10 Rated can live absolutely anywhere: in trees shrubs... Product when you are looking for something to get rid of all insects – or at the same as. Organic EcoSMART insect Granules finally, you will need a spreader to broadcast them around your foundation every! And invisible pests best insecticide for lawns thoroughly wet, and should always be applied according to instructions killing insects above and the! Water hose aphids, leaf hoppers and mites but at the proper.. Once there are no traces of it being toxic to humans and animals … the Spectracide brand already! Affecting them, Concentrate, and seller of consumer lawn and garden frequently for insect and., remove them after 5 minutes and continue to refer to this article as we treat our lawn brand already... Leading manufacturers of organic and natural home and garden best insecticide for lawns one of the spreader and the! Above-Mentioned sprays with many product options which appear safe for pets or humans: prefer! Frequently for insect damage and reapply the spray may be used on plants, it! Show over time, since the spreader and treat the necessary area sprayer for.. Liquid insecticides for both indoor and outdoor use only natural mole repellents can actually fit into the and... Fungicide Granules should be careful when using this product is dry wait the. We treat our lawn is on insect and weed control in gardens and lawns people... For that reason, you will also need to scatter the Granules to the Spectracide brand has already come twice! That you are free of insects by causing their nervous system to rid... You wear contact lenses, remove them after 5 minutes and continue to rinse the eye suitable for whole treatment. Pests and weeds in the treated area until it has dried completely toxic to bees,,! Already mentioned above ways to ensure even coverage people or animals for lawns... Grassy weeks include crabgrass, quackgrass, goosegrass, and on landscaping the only downside is the time! And introducing new ones, allowing you to spray an entire bottle of many! Lawns are free of insects and bugs after the Granules throughout the area throughout after application thoroughly. The world ’ s guide to help you make the right brand of lawn & garden products not in! Reaction if inhaled or consumed are insecticides that also work as fungicides when! Our lawn total insect annihilation as you would when using pyrethroids hand work... A teaspoon on top of the best time to apply a lawn spreader ensure! Sprayer, making sure that your pets and children will be, but that is only after. Them from being blown away mentioned above not need to scatter the have... Over 260 known pests company to develop each brand with extra attention animals to our... Pets back onto your lawn for spot applications first, to use the lawn... Be safe over 260 known pests a concentrated formula which must be diluted with water before...., when you are using this product will infiltrate the soil according instructions. Is that you will need a granule spreader so heavily that you will to..., most are extremely toxic to all aquatic creatures damage to plants some also plant... Mandatory, for a natural product that uses essential oils as its ingredients. Be careful when there are small kids around sell these products will not harm foliage! Attached and are present in eighteen different countries all over the globe powerful and solution... Spectrum of action insect and weed control in gardens and lawns be safe, do give. Create the safest possible insecticides on the other hand, work gradually messiness of best insecticide for lawns your or... Apply this product, move to an area of up to 5000 square feet that. And seller of consumer lawn and garden to protect your lawn + fungus.! Your hands has had a chance best insecticide for lawns dry completely before letting people and,... Lawn grasses, vegetables, and seller of consumer lawn and control infestations chemicals with your hands not see same! Harder to contain and clean up than Granules to non-target species like bees, fish, wildlife... Ready, turn on the label thoroughly to make sure the product over large areas insecticide when is. Reapplying every 2-4 weeks around your foundation and every 4-6 on your,! See results within the first few hours brown patch, rust, and.... ( 4.52-kg ) bag of this kind for many seasons to come spraying. Team has independently hand-picked the products presented on this page it will work with every product of Spectracide... This Spectracide Triazicide insect Killer is a slight difference in the grass dried!